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All of us have strong cross-cultural, practical, and educational backgrounds having worked and lived abroad in Asia, USA, Southern Europe, The Middle East/Africa, and in international organisations with many different nationalities.

Since our start in 2016 we have dealt with projects, agreements and negotiations in China, USA, India, Japan, Italy, Latin America, Portugal, Germany, Middle Eastern countries next to many other countries


Berendina van Straalen is a certified mediator a.o. in copyright issues and has longstanding working experience as a researcher, translator, editor and manager of subsidiary rights within the publishing industry.

In the choices of her degrees. she consciously chooses for practical education as the translation from legal theory to hands-on work is very often cluttered and confusing.

She focuses on the practical approach to applying copyright law in permissions and licensing of content through third parties’ channels. Her work method and training have an eye to the requirements of the industry raising the questions and the individual who must do the work.

She sketches practical overviews of contractual arrangements highlighting, in a nutshell, the effects of business decisions from Open Access to paywall, from distribution to complex aggregated databases. Here experience in describing contract and permission workflows for big enterprises make that these sketches are applicable in contractual, business and digital workflows.

Businesswise, her analytical thinking and quality to compare business models have supported not only the workflow but also assured competitive effects and revenue growth. Thanks to her mediation skills she negotiates in a pleasant way respecting the needs of all partners involved.

Chris Kluiters is a seasoned publishing professional with many years of commercial, contracting and licensing experience at executive levels within major publishers such as RELX and SpringerNature. His Asian experience stretches out over multiple years working from Singapore (RELX) and New Delhi, India (SpringerNature). He has deep knowledge about A&I markets, Text- and Datamining, Corporate & Health Markets, and more recently with Open Access & Read & Publish Agreements/Transformative Agreements.

Chris combines a very broad commercial background with Legal expertise enabling him to succeed in negotiations with optimal effect.

Chris has an LLM degree in Intellectual Property and Technology Law from the University of Liverpool in combination with business/commercial degrees from the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam and INSEAD, Singapore.

AllrightsOnline is now already 5 years successful in the market to the full satisfaction of our clients.

Associated Partner


Wiebke Möllering is a qualified German lawyer and is specialised in intellectual property, publishing and licensing law with experience in international law firms as well as organisations. As legal counsel of a leading scientific publisher, Wiebke drafted and negotiated publishing and licensing contracts with authors, universities, libraries, corporate customers, service providers and distributors worldwide.

She has extensive experience with digitisation projects, the development of new electronic products, global intellectual property rights strategies, as well as with internal legal workflow processes. Wiebke offers a pragmatic approach by providing advice through brainstorming and discussion, as well as in-depth legal analysis, contracting or general project assistance. In addition to her legal studies in Germany and France, Wiebke holds a Masters of Organisational and Business Psychology from the University of Liverpool with her Master thesis focussing on leadership development in non-profit organisations.

Wiebke also offers support in change management, organisational strategy and structure as well as in leadership coaching. Wiebke is based in Cape Town, she is fluent in German, English and French.

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