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We welcome our very first international Pharmaceutical company as a customer of our copyright expertise. The company makes use of extensive custom made training for their different user groups such as those working in R&D, Marketing & Product Management, Medical Affairs, and IT.

The training has a global approach as staff from various countries will participate. Topics related to Content Licensing in and out, Content Re-use, Text and Data Mining, Fundamentals, and current developments in Copyright and other related areas will be addressed.

As with the other assignments the appeal to the customers of are the practical approaches, hands-on discussions, and concrete advice. These have been the prime mover for this pharmaceutical company as well. The training was initiated by the information management and compliance group.


Various customers returned with specific assignments on OA related topics such as upgrading by keeping in mind their business outlook, their OA Policies, License-to-Publish agreements, and restructuring their agreements with READ & PUBLISH clauses reflecting customized new business models. In addition, OA brainstorm sessions are planned in developing new OA possibilities.

For another Publisher, we executed a contract analysis and risk assessment relating to not only a journal divestment but also the migration from paywall set-up into OA.


Already at the start in 2016 AllrightsOnline worked remotely as well as on location. Thanks to this set up we experienced to have a good fit with the current challenges in the market. 

News 2020

AllrightsOnline supported one of her clients in negotiating successfully an extension of the 3-year alliance license – which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with TIB Technical University Library. Part of the deal is Open Access publishing CC-BY 4.0, placing articles in selectable repositories after an embargo period, and unlimited access to many publications for institutions and individuals.”

News 2019

AllrightsOnline (AO) can look back on a rather busy year during which it completed some very interesting projects.

For an English language legal publisher an extensive audit was done on their discoverability, rights&permissions, 3rd part vendor relations and their online sales&marketing efforts. This was executed to such a degree of customer satisfaction that a follow-up assignment is now being planned to actually execute help in carrying out the advised action plan.

For a very large Healthcare organisation an extensive copyright & contractual consult was executed leading into a compliant strategy in the digitisation of their workflow processes where copyrighted material was being used. Terms & Conditions of their contracted software systems were also evaluated on current compliance and on possible different future scenarios. Here as well, a follow up assignment is planned as this organisation now also looks at their other internal material as potentially interesting to copyright protect against infringement.

Other areas AO is working on is to organise read & publish agreements for a STEM publisher, redefining their commercial policies & business models, and organising the metadata streams to its 3rd parties.

In addition AO has done a solid research on Open Access publishing outlining the effects in the author contracts, funder relations and on it sales and 3rd party vendor relations To improve services it is common practice that OA asks their customers for feedback. and without hesitation customers praise the detailed and practical approach AO is taking, which results in reports with tangible action points rather than “just” a strategical consult. Upon completion AO discusses their reports enabling along the course of the assignment the sharing of plentiful strategical insights.

De Rooi Pannen develops a Copyright teaching module for community college level students in marketing, marketing communication, new media, and event organisation

At the end of January gave its first copyright teaching module to students of the community college “de Rooi Pannen” in Tilburg, The Netherlands

Students in disciplines such as marketing, communication, and event organizations are frequently confronted with issues in copyright such as the re-use of text, images, and sound. This is, in particular, relevant when they go for their traineeship as part of their studies, and/or later on in their career when they are assigned specific tasks.

The development and design of communication tools (posters, leaflets, websites) but also the introduction and maintenance of social media may have significant copyright implications

In a module/lecture of 1 hour, students are provided with an introduction into copyright with a variety of practical examples. And with ample room for vivid discussions, the result is a fundamental awareness prior to the traineeship period which potentially reduces the risk for the organisations they will be working with.

During the first sessions at “De Rooi Pannen” some 100 students vividly discussed the various cases and provided for new ones as well.

As part of the module also provides for an extensive syllabus with the explanation of copyright, practical examples, and references to other useful information sources

Elefteria Argyropoulos-Triandafyllidou, lecturer Communication & Mediadesign, Department Tourism, and Events: “We are very happy that on our request has composed this module/lecture. These have been very useful meetings and we believe that our students have grown in their understanding about the do’s and the don’ts in the internetworld with so much risk for copyright infringement”.

 Berendina van Straalen, lecturer/trainer of “As a trainer, I am inspired and have enjoyed it very much to explain the practicalities of Intellectual Property Law and of Copyright in particular. I also enjoyed explaining them more about the new (legal) developments in privacy and data protection”. Essential information before starting a traineeship”.

Webinar on Licensing in & out rights, from publication to distribution 

AllrightsOnline presented on October 3rd, 2018 in collaboration with INGENTA a webinar on Licensing content with significant attention on legal and contractual background information. Not dealing with copyright in the right way could be a lost opportunity, or worse the start of a legal conflict, whereas dealing with it in the right way could actually mean revenue growth. The effect one may feel is a decline in mainstream/primary revenues, Open Access developments and new technologies; Libraries facing a similar type of challenges.

How can additional revenues be generated?

Topics :
Licensing in and licensing out of all types of information from Journals, Books to Data
Business models for publishing, strategic abstracting and indexing partners to optimise Discovery, and
Business models for direct sales and sales through Third Parties with a risk of cannibalisation,

To see the webinar click here adds marketing/sales capacity to its offerings and start the first direct sales/telephone marketing campaign with one of its publishers

Joost Kollöffel is a professional with over 20 years of international business experience. He excels in setting up and leading innovative and game-changing projects and is experienced in the online information industry (scientific, technical medical & education.

Joost started working with as a result of ongoing questions from our customers to help out in their sales and marketing efforts. Joost has completed a project for the CCC/Rightsdirect in organising a customer event (copyright seminar) and acting as chairman of this event.

More recently he completed a direct sales/marketing activity in upselling ebooks & journals to new and existing customers of an academic Publisher. His fluent German, English and Dutch language skills and his ability to build bridges with customers helped in quickly realising good feedback and first direct sales results.

International marketing, optimal international disclosure, and accessibility has shown to be a recurring theme of our customers recently as the competition between publishers is heating up and library budgets continue to decrease.

With adding this additional capacity AllrightsOnline is able to help Publishers with an array of questions and providing for interim solutions in sales, marketing, rights and permissions and legal counsel/contracting issues.

Trans Tech Publications Ltd

The latest publishing house signing with Trans Tech Publications Ltd will be looking at the legal & commercial content licensing out of TTP and advising if and how their revenue development can be improved by evaluating financial, legal and commercial conditions of their current agreements. Founded in 1967 in Switzerland, TTP.keeps up to date with and endorses the latest trends in academic publishing. The editorial and publishing processes are supported by our own online management and publishing system integrated into the Scientific. Net website. Their trademark, Scientific.Net, was created by the company and represents one of the largest web resources providing high-demand content focused on science and engineering themes. Each year thousands of new academic publications enrich the Scientific.Net collection. It includes academic journals and book series that publish regular and special issues, volumes, conference proceedings, and monographs….

News 2018

Peter Drahos and Open Access: any progress?

Last week (December 13th, 14th) I attended the Legal / Academic Conference Modern Intellectual Property Governance and Openness in Europe: A long and winding road? It took place at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

A timely academic conference as it took place on exactly the same day(s)as the Straatsburg trilogue on the EU’s new Copyright directive. Unfortunately some invited people could therefore not make it but nevertheless, it was interesting to hear some of the attending academics on the topics of openness in Europe. Open Access clearly being one of those. I specifically attended to hear one of the invited guest lectures/Keynote speakers Professor Peter Drahos (PD). Given PD’s views on OA I wanted to hear what his argumentative reasoning is. Openness was discussed within the framework of inclusiveness vs exclusiveness paradigms. Openness is fundamental in science he argues. But the dominant model in Intellectual Property is (still) the exclusivity paradigm. (simplified: rightsholders can exclude others from making unauthorised use of the (IP) protected subject matter)

Not surprisingly Open Access is one of those examples of Openness. He argued that to overcome the exclusivity paradigm one could e.g. disengage or attack this paradigm. The Budapest declaration was wonderful but in reality, he doesn’t seem to see OA as a success story. In his own words, It has merely become a new income stream for dominant information industries.  And at the research level, the dominant paradigm is hardly changing. To underline his argumentation he referred to Sci-Hub as the best example of activism to overcome the paradigm (“Alexandra has created more for/in openness than anyone else). Openness is a political value and highly disruptive. Read more…..

  • Text and Data Mining at global corporations: Copyright Challenges ahead (March 2018)
    On March 13th I was privileged to give a TDM presentation and Q&A session to key/senior staff from Intellectual Property, Legal, Technology/ICT and the Information Department Professionals, at Royal DSM, a large global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. Read more….. 
  • Will the InfoSoc directive recognize digital exhaustion? (July 2017) Read more….
  • Blockchain & Copyright: still in Proof-of-Concept? (July 2017) Read more….

News 2017

IOS Press agrees on consultancy assignment with IOS Press … (August 2017)
Allrightsonline will start in August with its consultancy assignment at IOS Press. IOS Press recently celebrated its 30th year anniversary. IOS publishes more than 100 international journals and approximately 75 book titles each year on subjects ranging from computer sciences and mathematics to medicine and the natural sciences. It includes the publishing programme of Delft University press which was acquired in 2005. Allrightsonline will be offering all their services.


Wageningen Academic Publishers gave its first Masterclass copyright to a selected group of editors at Wageningen Academic Publishers at the end of June. A variety of topics were discussed such as open access, the copyright transfer forms of publishers, rights & permissions of image material next to national & international legislation and case law. It was a very interactive session with many Q&A opportunities. The Masterclass was very well received by all participants.


Uitgeverij Paris agrees on consultancy assignment with Uitgeverij Paris … (June 2017)

Committee Author Contract Law of the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards

Berendina van Straalen, MfN registered mediator, has been appointed to the Committee Author Contract Law of the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards… (May 2017)

Wageningen Academic Publishers agrees on consultancy assignment with Wageningen Academic Publishers… (March 2017)

BRILL  signs agreement with BRILL on Audit of Third Party Licensing & Indexing, and Rights & Permissions outsourcing…  (February 2017)

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